While The Skinsmith Clinic’s core treatment is microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), patients also have access to various doctor-administered including Botox, fillers, threading, and vampire facials.

The Skinsmith Clinic works closely with the medical staff adjacent to the Clinic’s consulting rooms, and can advise patients on various injectable options that they may benefit from.

All treatments are done on site in The Skinsmith Clinic’s private treatment rooms by highly qualified medical and aesthetic technicians.

Vampire Facial


30 Minutes
Depends on patient’s condition
From R60 per unit

Anaesthetic: no
Recovery time: none
Results last 3 – 6 months

*Number of treatments may vary depending on the patient’s condition.

Vampire Facial

1 – 1.5 Hours
4-6 Treatments*
R1 500

Anaesthetic: yes
Recovery time: 1 – 2 days
Results last **18 months to two years

*Number of treatments may vary depending on the patient’s condition.

**The new cell growth in your skin generated by the Platelet Rich Plasma takes weeks to months, which is why it looks so much better after more time passes. Botox and other filler treatments break down with time, but the Platelet Rich Plasma lasts and looks better as long as 18 months to two years

Juanita Mackenzie


“I don’t want people to feel overwhelmed by information. I want them to feel like they are in good hands and their needs and concerns are my number one priority. Every patient is different, and everyone’s skin is different. That is why I provide tailor-made solutions. There is no ‘one-plan-fits-all’. BUT there is a bespoke plan for you… that works!”

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